2018-05-09 10:05

This weekend, ESGA hosted HCT Summer Playoffs in Prague. A total of 19 players chose Prague as their battlefield, including ones from Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Poland, Russia and Denmark. We would like to thank them not only for choosing us, but also for keeping things fair play. In addition to a smooth progress of the tournament, this helped create an exciting atmosphere we all have enjoyed throughout the weekend. And what’s more, we also had three players making it to the top 8. Huge applause for Faeli, A83650 and Viper with special congratulations to the latter two, who made it to the Seasonal championship! Another applause to all the players, who amazed us by what they are able to do provided with some cards. And a cake ;)

We are glad that overall, we had a great feedback from both the players and Blizzard itself. We will nevertheless continue to seek ways to improve, which you’ll be able verify during HCT Fall Playoffs, coming up on Sep 1 and 2.

And about the Summer ones, see for yourself what this weekend was like in our gallery! Or check out our video where we posed some seriously silly questions to the players. :)

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